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Surprising Things About Beer

It is a well known fact that beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic drink in the world. With hundreds of kinds of beer, it’s not surprising that we fell in love with this beverage for hundreds of years. One of the bars i frequently visit at served calgary craft beer and some old age ale kind for comparison,and it was one of those moments that I realized why I truly love this beverage. Though it may come in many forms, it’s still the same companion we long for after a hard day of work.

I’m no beer expert, but I am an enthusiast who has managed to gather some interesting facts about beer. Let me share to you some of it:

  1. Old times beer brewers consisted of women.

Professional brewers of beer used to be women and they were called brewsters. Surprisingly, there is a qualification that a brewster should be beautiful before she is able to practice this profession. It sounds pretty judgemental, but knowing this makes you realize that people really take their beers seriously.

  1. Beers are not limited to just those in cans.

There are beers that are like wine that mature as they age. Some of these are vintage beers, barleywines, imperial stouts and other old ales. They sound fancy, because they are quite expensive. Similar to wine, many beer types are made to be consumed after extended aging. Because of the timeframe specific beers have to undergo, their prices spike up that one glass can cost up to 1000 CAD dollars. I do love beer, but I don’t think I’m capable of paying a thousand dollars for a glass.

  1. There is a proper way of pouring beer.

Beer is not like water that does not differ in taste however way you serve it. They say that pouring beer is an art because it its to the overall experience and taste. The most basic rule however is that you should be using a clean glassware as container; it adds to the authenticity of the beer and lets the full taste of the brew be experienced by the drinker. Holding the glass at a 45 degree angle is suggested, and when the content is already half-way, straighten up the glass and continue until full. I'm no expert on the art of pouring, but these are the basics that I know.

  1. There are 4 factors that determine the fullness or authenticity of a beer.

Analyzing beer is done by four items: look, agitate, smell, and taste. To properly examine a beer, raise it directly on eye level and determine its color, how much bubble it produces, and the overall consistency of it. Next step is to agitate it: like a wine glass give the beer a gentle swirl and basically pull out or uncover the aromas of the brew. Third step is to smell the drink: beer enthusiasts use this method to entice their palates of the coming drink as it will give them an expectation of the supposed taste of the liquid. Fourth is the actual tasting of the beer: you do not directly swallow it but instead you let it wander your palate and allow all the flavors to be identified by your system. With these four factors or steps, beer enthusiasts are able to determine how good a beer is.